My Ah-ha Moment on Finally Getting Some Key Copywriting Concepts

How Learning About Copywriting is Making a Difference to My Business

This week I finally had an ah-ha moment. A moment when the importance of learning the basics of good copywriting started to click. If you are like me, you’ve known for a while that you need to learn copywriting, but it just wasn’t resonating with me how to do it. But this time was different. I was watching a video from someone I had been following and I made the recommended tweaks and then it started to fall into place. I finally “got” what he and another person I’ve been following have been saying. The next day my email signups jumped 400%. While it might not be a huge number, I saw the immediate impact. I’ll talk about it today.

Here is the videos that I referenced that I had my ah-ha moment with:

Here are the two books I mention:

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Here are the two books on Copywriting that Really Recommend:

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